About Me

I am a software developer with 7+ years of professional experience with a variety of technologies and languages. I've always had a life-long fascination with both writing and debugging code, and I am constantly learning new techniques and languages to expand and build upon my own capabilities.

I have been a fully remote employee since 2017 when I moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee where I happily spend my spare time playing tabletop games with my friends and family, as well as attending public conventions in the area.

This site serves as a record of my accomplishments and work history. If you would like this page in resume format, please feel free to print this page. I have formatted the site to be printer friendly in both A4 and US Letter page sizes for your convenience.

Programming Languages

C# JavaScript TypeScript Python Java


Software Design Web Development Testing Automation Serverless Architecture Relational Databases Git VCS

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Amazon 2022 - 2024

Software Development Engineer II TypeScript React Python Java AWS Cloud

I joined the Creative Management Experience team at Amazon Ads in November 2022. I work on multiple projects including Retail Awareness, the Standard Display and Third Party ad experiences, and a portion of the Amazon Advertising website.

  • Developed validation logic for the Standard Display ad experience, which reduced the time it takes to create an advertisement by up to 70%.
  • Reduced false out-of-stock detection rates in the Retail Awareness feature for Sponsored Display products by 90% by integrating a new API to exclude incompatible products.

NCR Corporation 2021 - 2022

Software Engineer I C# JavaScript HTML CSS MSSQL Azure Cloud

I joined NCR when our team and projects were acquired from DUMAC. I primarily focused on the MVC project and reporting library, but I also migrated our projects from DUMAC's on-premises servers to the Azure Cloud and produced a scalable automation service for onboarding new customers.

  • Within one year, I migrated our C# ASP.NET project from the former on-prem servers to Azure cloud services.
  • In 6 weeks, I developed an auto-scaling automation solution that processed incoming store data, removing the need for manual onboarding for future clients.
  • Improved deployment and scaling processes, reducing deployment times by 25% and saving 24 developer hours per quarter.

DUMAC Business Systems, Inc 2016 - 2021

Software Engineer II C# JavaScript HTML CSS MSSQL VB.Net

At DUMAC, I worked on an ASP.NET web application written in VB.NET for back-of-house reporting in quick-service restaurants. I led the initiative for migrating away from ASP WebForms to a modern MVC framework to enable better security, take advantage of the latest .NET features, and streamline the development of new reports.

  • Owned development of new in-house component which produced HTML, PDF, and Excel reports, cutting implementation of new features by 75%
  • Took charge of converting VB.NET product to a new C# ASP.NET product, improving both security and performance, and boosting customer trust.
  • In 2 weeks, I improved the execution time of our most-used inventory analysis report by 90%, improving customer satisfaction.